How Many Jackpots Are Left On National Lottery Scratchcards?

It's one of the most frequently asked questions. Just how many of the mega jackpots are left on the National Lottery scratchcards?

The biggest jackpot on offer is the £4m that's up for grabs on the ‘£4m Black and Gold‘ scratch card. At £10 each, this card is not for the faint hearted but the rewards could be absolutely huge, particularly as you have a 1 in 3.06 chance of winning something on them.

And we know at least one of the £4m jackpots has already been won so how many are left?

The answer is THREE. As of July 12th 2016, there are still three scratchcards out there each with a £4m jackpot prize. But finding one of them could be a mammoth task as there were 17,391,660 scratchcards in the initial print run of this Black and Gold game. And your actual odds of winning £4m on the card are 1:4,347,915.

All is not lost though as there are up to 21 different ways to win on Black and Gold. In fact, you could conceivably win 21 times on the same scratchcard if you are really really lucky.

If you think you'd be happy with a slightly smaller jackpot then the ‘£250m Cash Spectacular‘ scratch card has a top jackpot prize of £3m. There are slightly more winning tickets still out there in the public domain with at least SIX still with the top prize.

The downside is that there were even more of them printed than the Black and Gold game with 35,933,400 Scratchcards in the initial print run of the game.

Of course there are still plenty of scratchcards out there with all of the top jackpots already claimed. The ‘Bejeweled' scratchcard that offers a top prize of £300K and can be purchased for £3, has NO top prizes left.

‘Monopoly Millionaire' is also sadly lacking on top prizes with ZERO top jackpots left. In it's initial print print there were four £1m jackpots but all of them have been won.

Don't worry though, there are absolutely TONNES of online scratchcards that are offering huge jackpots that are all available if you play. At Gala Casino both the Big Banker and Triple Pots scratchcards offer a £100K top prize so scratch that itch and scratch an online card today!


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Kitchen Manager Scoops £4m On Scratch Card

It's the dream isn't it? Buy a scratch card and win so big that you can actually jack in your job and go live the life of a millionaire. For most of us it will always remaina fantasy but for one very, very lucky man, that is now his reality.

Amandou Gillen, who works as a kitchen manager in Wetherspoons, bought two £4 Million Black scratch cards on his lunch break on May 25th and scooped £4 million. Amazingly he finished his shift at work!

The father-of-two, who has lived in Trowbridge for 23 years, immediately discovered he had won £10 on the first card and the top prize of £4 million on the second.

Mr Gillen said “I bought the card at about 8pm on my dinner break, which I have an hour for.

“I went outside the pub and that's when I started scratching the cards.

“I knew straight away I'd won four million. I went back to my work to finish my shift but I didn't say anything to anyone – I was screaming and dancing inside.

“I think my shift finished at 11.30pm or midnight, so it was almost four hours that I kept it quiet.”

Plans to spend some of his winnings are already well underway and Mr Gillen has quite rightly splashed out on a new wardrobe and booked a trip to see his family in the Gambia.

He also plans to buy his first car and as he currently lives in a one-bedroom rented flat in Trowbridge, has already began house-hunting for a four-bedroomed property in Bristol.

The scratch card in question is available from the National Lottery. It's called £4 Million Black and it costs £10 per card. There are five games to play and 21 ways to win with a winning rate of 1 in 2.5.

And if you can't be bothered heading to your local newsagents to buy one, don't worry, you can also play it online!

Cheeky Advert For ‘Winning’ Scratch Card

Everybody pushes their luck. It's only human to try to get a better deal for yourself but one very cheeky e-bay seller has taken it to a whole new level.

Advertising a winning scratch card as ‘possibly worth millions', the seller posted an advert that read as follows:

“Hi And welcome to this auction on this real winning scratch card.

“This scratch could Possibly turn in to hundreds or thousands or even possibly millions depending how wisely it is invested.”

Yes. You've read that correctly. Somebody actually tried to selling the winning ticket, which incidentally had a win of only £2, on the basis that if you got it, you could then invest the £2 and turn that into millions.

Yes, because if it was that easy we'd all be doing it. But according to this person “Many investments could be cashing in the winning Scratch card and buying either 2X £1 scratch cards or buying a £2 scratch card or possibly buying one of many available lottery tickets.”

So how on earth could somebody even make money from selling a £2 wining scratch card for £2. The kicker here is that post and packaging is £5. Now the last time I checked the price of a first class stamp (30 seconds ago) it was only 64p.

That results in a profit of £4.36 for the seller, minus the cost of the scratch card (£1), leaving him/her with £3.36. It's pretty clever if you think about it. If they cashed it in they'd make a profit of just £1 or £3.36 if they sell it.

I wonder if they'll then take that and turn it into ‘possibly millions'?

The advert is no longer up on ebay so I can't even confirm if anybody was foolish enough to buy it but you do have to admire the nouse of somebody who can chance their arm like that!

Scunthorpe Scratch Card Thief Tried To Claim Win

A man has been arrested and found guilty on charges of two counts of theft and one count of attempted theft after he stole money and scratchcards from three different people whilst brandishing a gun and threatening them.

Steven Pavlik of Scunthorpe terrorised shop assistants twice in the same shop, as well as staff in a petrol station in February and March of this year. He hid his face under a balaclava which showed only his eyes and pointed what they believed to be a gun at them, threatening to shoot if they did not comply with his wishes.

The first robbery took place on Feburary the 5th at 10.25pm. Pavlik entered the One Stop Shop wearing his balaclava and gloves, and pulled a gun on the shift manager, telling her to put cash from the cashier into a plastic bag. 12 days later, on the 17th of February, he returned to the shop but this time lost his nerve and left empty handed. On both occasions he wore a balaclava and a hoodie, and carried a golfing umbrella which he kept up throughout the robbery and attempted robbery. Then, on March the 2nd, he robbed Bernetby Service Station on the A180 and the A15, where he stole money and scratchcards.

But despite his attempts to mask his identity, Pavlik left behind a few clues which confirmed his guilt – including the butt of a cigarette which he had left discarded in the street, and a plastic bag. He was then later arrested on the 7th of March when he tried to claim a £30 win from one of the stolen scratchcards. He was also found guilty of three counts of possessing imitation firearms – although whether or not the guns were real or fake is not known.

Pavlik denied the charges in courts, claiming that he was nowhere near either crime scene when robberies took place. To explain the stolen Lottery scratchcards, he told the court that he had found them lying in the street. One, he claimed, had been scratched off already, and the other he took to a nearby shop to try to cash.

But the Jury was not convinced by his story, and he was found guilty by Grimsby Crown Court in late September, where he is currently remanded in custody.

Thieving Postman Blames Scratch Cards

A postman who stole money from greetings cards which he was supposed to post has been told that he will probably go to prison.

Wayne Bradburn, 32, of the Greater Manchester area refused to comment following the discovery of greetings cards which had contained cash, as well as larger items which had been sent in the post as gifts, were found at his home earlier this year. According to Prosecutor Richard Black, he also confessed to even more thefts during a probation report. He is now pleading guilty to five counts of theft and is awaiting sentencing.

Bradburn, who has been a postman for 14 years, was discovered after several complaints from the Levenshulme area of undelivered greetings cards. A “Specially Prepared” Gift Gard was given to the defendant to deliver, and 8 days later someone linked to Bradburn’s family was found to be using the gift card in Debenhams. A few more test letters were given to Bradburn over the following month, and he was then questioned by Royal Mail officials.
Upon being challenged, Bradburn refused to let officials search him and was put into a Royal Mail van. The van was later found to have six packs of greeting cards stuffed under a seat. A Kindle and 10 Love Film DVDs, one of which, the Court heard, had been addressed to a woman in Levenshulme, were later found in his house, as well as 15 greeting cards, none of which were addressed to him. Seven of the fifteen greetings cards had been torn up, including signed cheques which the defendant would not have been able to cash.

Prosecutor Richard Black told Manchester Magistrates Court that Bradburn had candidly confessed to several thefts out with the five for which he is facing charges for, during an interview with a probation officer when preparing a report for the court. He also said that Bradburn was solely responsible for these thefts, his family having had no involvement.

Mark Hadfield, the district Judge informed Bradburn, who had entered the dock in tears, that theft by postmen is taken very seriously under the law, on account of the abuse of public trust involved, and that it is likely that he will go to jail.

Gared McNally of the defense pointed out that Bradburn had developed a gambling habit related to scratchcards, implying that this could be a possible explanation for his actions.

Bar Manager Collects Scratch Cards for Charity

It’s hardly dry roast peanuts and not the usual thing you’d order with your pint, but one chain of pubs in Manchester has started selling scratch cards for a new cancer care facility.

The scratch cards in question were created and distributed in order to raise funds for the new Christie cancer centre in Urmston, Manchester. And now one pub manager will cycle round all 124 of independent Manchester brewer Joseph Holt’s pubs to collect scratch cards and hopefully earn over £15,000 for the new wing of the Integrated Procedures Unit at the Withington Hospital.

Ian Slamon, the manager of the Lord Nelson pub in Urmston was the brainchild of the idea and so is now going from handling bars to handlebars as he embarks on this awareness-raising journey. His reason for undertaking the challenge is simple:
“Everybody knows somebody who has been touched by cancer and we all have to do our best to try and eradicate it.”

The scratch cards are not set up like your typical fast-buck making games you see in kiosks and shop. These cards cost between 50p and £1 and rather than receiving a cash prize in the event of a win, winners will instead be presented with either one or two gallons of any Joseph Holt beer!

The estimated total Joseph Holt expects to receive from the scratch card drive is £15,376. Scratch cards are only part of what Joseph Holt aims to achieve in their 100th year of helping The Christie Hospital and The Christie Charity. They are holding a Centenary Appeal and plan to raise a tremendous £300,000 by the time the year is out.

The Joseph Holt clan have held a series of events and took part in major challenges such as the Three Peaks Challenge and Great Manchester swim all in the name of this fantastic cause. The huge funds raised by Ian Slamond and supporters will hopefully provide a new reception area for a new unit within the Christie Hospital – 100 years after Sir Edward Holt raised a life-changing sum for the hospital and charity.

If you would like to support Ian Slamond in the Centenary Appeal for The Christie Charity, or peraps just fancy your chances of winning some Joseph Holt’s ale of your choice, then simply ask for a scratch card at the bar of one of the brewery’s many pubs.

Avid Scratch Card Buyers Win £1 Million Jackpot

A Glaswegian couple are celebrating happy days ahead as they manage to bag an incredible £1 million win following years of being loyal scratchcard buyers.

Grace Walker, 49, described herself as shaking in shock after discovering her incredible win last weekend. She made the win on the £100 Million Cash Spectacular scratchcard, which she bought from the Fairhill Store on Buchan Street in her local town of Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, last Saturday. Buying scratchcards has become something of a Saturday tradition for Mrs Walker, so the sudden win came as a huge surprise to her and her family. It was not until her daughter confirmed that she had indeed won a Million Pounds that the information truly sank in for her.

When asked how she planned to use the cash, Mrs Walker was still unsure of her answer – but knew that she’d be sharing the cash amongst her family, with her husband, William, and their three grown up children – Siobhan, 28, Kevin, 27 and Michelle, who is 22. One’s thing for sure – the family will not be leaving Hamilton, and Walker was adamant that she could not be moving out of their house, which the family have lived in for 30 years. She is also not a car driver, so it is not particularly likely that she will be buying a new car with her newfound wealth. However, she has certainly not ruled out the possibility of a family holiday abroad.

The £100 Million Cash Spectacular scratchcard is one in a series of hugely popular National Lottery Scratchcards. The card is sold at a cost of just £5, with the chance of winning a top prize of £1,000,000! There are still three of these top prizes left to be claimed – could you be the next lucky winner? Check the National Lottery website for more information on different scratchcards.

If you join in on the National Lottery, you’ll not only be taking a chance to win millions of pounds, you’ll also be donating money to helping the families and communities across the UK who benefit from National Lottery funded projects every single day. In South Lanarkshire alone, more than 2700 National Lottery grants have been made to date, in areas including health, education, environment and sport. And it couldn’t be done without the £33m raised every week by players taking part in the National Lottery. Try it out today to join in the fun. Good luck!

Rehabs Fiscal Follies

It seems Rehab lottery where one of their main products is lottery scratch cards is still not in the clear. The charity firm, which has received a massive amount of state funding, has recorded a profit of only just €468 after selling over two million scratch cards.
This has subsequently lead to an investigation into their financial spending.

According to records kept by the company, the group has received over €32m in state funding since 2007 as part of a government program to compensate the loss of business charities receive following the creation of the National Lottery.

These recent revelations are only putting further fuel to the fire surrounding this company, which has gone from one controversy to another.
The mystery surrounding the company’s finances is set to be discussed at a meeting of the Dail’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

This meeting is will question Rehabs executives about the lack of information provided by the company in regards to the salaries and pension amounts of their management team.

Former Chief Executive of Rehab, Frank Flannery has also been recalled amid claims he was not formally invited to the last hearing about Rehabs situation.

Flannery resigned from his position of Fine Gael election strategist earlier this week following the controversy surrounding his lack of presence at a PAC meeting that was investigating the source of Mr Flannery’s current pension plan.

Despite recent overall sales totalling €3.4m, Rehab stated their scratch cards have only managed to barely break even.

However, Justice Minister Alan Shatter announced an audit into Rehab had found their scratch cards had actually made a surplus of €10,000 on sales of €4m in 2010.

Mr Shatter criticised the government’s compensation scheme of charity lotteries, he felt that it encouraged inefficient fundraising practices and had excessive administration costs.

A Rehab spokesman has defended the company’s, saying scratch cards had ‘unfair restrictions’ and they had been: “Experiencing great difficulties.”
He continued: “Scratch cards have been particularly hard hit with the annual sales having fallen from over €10m to just over €3m. There’s the requirement to pay back 67p of sales income in prizes, and a further 12.5p in retail commission.”

According to the spokesman, the company had been struggling to maintain the profit margins on their scratch cards. He also said they were lacking the infrastructure required to operate it as a viable business with any sort of financial return.

The investigation into Rehabs questionable financial records is set to continue.