Kitchen Manager Scoops £4m On Scratch Card

It's the dream isn't it? Buy a scratch card and win so big that you can actually jack in your job and go live the life of a millionaire. For most of us it will always remaina fantasy but for one very, very lucky man, that is now his reality.

Amandou Gillen, who works as a kitchen manager in Wetherspoons, bought two £4 Million Black scratch cards on his lunch break on May 25th and scooped £4 million. Amazingly he finished his shift at work!

The father-of-two, who has lived in Trowbridge for 23 years, immediately discovered he had won £10 on the first card and the top prize of £4 million on the second.

Mr Gillen said “I bought the card at about 8pm on my dinner break, which I have an hour for.

“I went outside the pub and that's when I started scratching the cards.

“I knew straight away I'd won four million. I went back to my work to finish my shift but I didn't say anything to anyone – I was screaming and dancing inside.

“I think my shift finished at 11.30pm or midnight, so it was almost four hours that I kept it quiet.”

Plans to spend some of his winnings are already well underway and Mr Gillen has quite rightly splashed out on a new wardrobe and booked a trip to see his family in the Gambia.

He also plans to buy his first car and as he currently lives in a one-bedroom rented flat in Trowbridge, has already began house-hunting for a four-bedroomed property in Bristol.

The scratch card in question is available from the National Lottery. It's called £4 Million Black and it costs £10 per card. There are five games to play and 21 ways to win with a winning rate of 1 in 2.5.

And if you can't be bothered heading to your local newsagents to buy one, don't worry, you can also play it online!