Avid Scratch Card Buyers Win £1 Million Jackpot

A Glaswegian couple are celebrating happy days ahead as they manage to bag an incredible £1 million win following years of being loyal scratchcard buyers.

Grace Walker, 49, described herself as shaking in shock after discovering her incredible win last weekend. She made the win on the £100 Million Cash Spectacular scratchcard, which she bought from the Fairhill Store on Buchan Street in her local town of Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, last Saturday. Buying scratchcards has become something of a Saturday tradition for Mrs Walker, so the sudden win came as a huge surprise to her and her family. It was not until her daughter confirmed that she had indeed won a Million Pounds that the information truly sank in for her.

When asked how she planned to use the cash, Mrs Walker was still unsure of her answer – but knew that she’d be sharing the cash amongst her family, with her husband, William, and their three grown up children – Siobhan, 28, Kevin, 27 and Michelle, who is 22. One’s thing for sure – the family will not be leaving Hamilton, and Walker was adamant that she could not be moving out of their house, which the family have lived in for 30 years. She is also not a car driver, so it is not particularly likely that she will be buying a new car with her newfound wealth. However, she has certainly not ruled out the possibility of a family holiday abroad.

The £100 Million Cash Spectacular scratchcard is one in a series of hugely popular National Lottery Scratchcards. The card is sold at a cost of just £5, with the chance of winning a top prize of £1,000,000! There are still three of these top prizes left to be claimed – could you be the next lucky winner? Check the National Lottery website for more information on different scratchcards.

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